Casio V-R200 EPOS Terminal Cash Register

Elevating function and design to a new level
The evolving all-in-one POS terminal

An all-in-one POS terminal that combines a sophisticated body design with a full range of capabilities. Advanced capabilities and a high-grade design in a single POS terminal Muted, monotone colors that harmonize with elegant interiors.

Casio V-R200 EPOS Terminal Cash Register


Blends in harmoniously with sophisticated interiors. A highly refined, stylish design that embodies advancement

A sophisticated, elegant design

A stylish shape featuring simple straight lines and use of an attractive glossy material for the front panel frame and printer cover result in a tasteful design that harmonizes with shop interiors. V-R200 Screen tilt

All-in-one product design for superb functionality

The terminal is compact and is equipped with a high-speed printer and pop-up customer with adjustable background color. The result is a space-saving, fully integrated design that provides excellent functionality. V-R200 customer display Screen

Specifications that offer a variety of installation options

The terminal has a small footprint, measuring only 395 mm wide, 237 mm deep, and 229 mm high. Since the terminal and cash drawer can be installed in separate locations, the system can be adapted easily to changes in shop layout.


Easy-to-operate 10.4-inch LCD. The highly legible, easy-to-use touch panel supports efficient customer check-out.

V-R200 Touch Sensitive Panel

Intuitive Large-Screen Touch Panel LCD

The main display is a 10.4-inch large-screen touch panel LCD. A highly sensitive touch panel supports high-speed operation. The display delivers quick response time for fast check-outs so customers arent kept waiting even during peak sales period.

IP53-compliant environmental durability (Display area only)

The terminal has an IP53 rating for water resistance and dust resistance*. The touch panel screen can be operated even with wet hands and is suitable for use at restaurants and other businesses where water is used.

*Protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical

V-R200 Water Resistance


Loaded with advanced specifications. CPU, memory capacity, printer speed, and ease of operation that take functionality to a new level

Advanced specifications and operability

The terminal offers greatly improved specifications compared to the previous CASIO model*, such as 1.5 GHz high-speed dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory. Switch operations have also been modified for more comfortable operation.

Power-saving design contributes to low-cost operation

Limiting power consumption during operation to approximately 18 watts and standby power to approximately 12 watts provides greater power saving than ordinary PC POS systems, contributing to running cost reduction.

User-friendly, high-speed printer

The terminal is equipped with a quiet, high-speed thermal printer that accepts 58 mm and 80 mm paper rolls. Drop-in paper loading facilitates paper roll change so customers aren’t made to wait even when the shop is crowded.

V-R200 Paper roll change
Model V-R200
Software Platform Android 4.2.2
CPU 1.5 GHz dual-core
Memory RAM 1 GB
Flash ROM 16 GB
Displays Main display 10.4-inch widescreen touch panel
(800 x 600 pixels)
TFT color liquid crystal display
Power tilt mechanism
Sub-display 20-character, 2-line liquid crystal display
Rotating pop-up
Printer Printing method 1-sheet thermal printer
Print speed Max. 120 mm/sec.
Paper roll 80 mm or 58 mm thermal recording paper
Paper loading method Drop-in paper loading
Interfaces Rear of display COM ports 3
Drawer ports 2
LAN port 1
USB (host) port 1
Bottom of display Magnetic card reader port 1
Side of display SD/SDHC memory card slot 1
Memory protection Battery Nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery
Battery Nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery
Power supply AC 120 V + 10 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption During operation: Approx. 18W
In standby mode: Approx. 12W
External dimensions (WxDxH) Approx. 395 x 237 x 229 mm
(Max. tilt, not including protruding parts
Weight Approx. 5 kg


Casio V-R200 E-POS Terminal Cash Register

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