Casio V-R100 EPOS Terminal Cash Register

Smart Solution & Stylish Design

The V-R100 comes with three preset applications for the effective use and management of sales and customer data.These applications provide powerful support for the centralized management and analysis of information.

A Suite of Retail Management Support Applications
The V-R100 comes with three preset applications for the effective use and management of sales and customer data.These applications provide powerful support for the centralized management and analysis of information.
A High-Performance Cash Register with a Preinstalled Sales Management Application
The V-R100 comes with a preinstalled sales management application that supports efficient check-out operations. It enables PLU registering as well as the recording and totaling of sales data. Once a product name and unit price have been entered in the system, the operator inputs the price by simply touching the product name on the screen. Sales by product and other information can be confirmed on the screen, a feature useful in sales management and merchandise control at restaurants and shops. In addition, Android supports independent development of custom applications. With the V-R100, ease of use can be customized for specific operations and industries.
*Screen shots are simulated.
*Application screens may be updated.
Customer Management:Customer Profile
Lock in repeat customers!
This application can be used to analyze store visit frequency and consumption amount by customer, prepare customized customer lists, and utilize the lists in promotions such as preferred customer sales. Linking Customer Profile to the sales management application makes it possible to offer discounts limited to preferred customers at the time of checkout.
Customer information
Manage the registration, search, deletion, and printing of customer information.
Purchase analysis
Support timely marketing activities such as direct mail distribution by analyzing customer information using RFM analysis and customer ranking analysis.
Rewards management
Manage the operation of member rewards programs such as preferred customer discounts.
*Screen shots are simulated.
*Application screens may be updated.
Reservation Management:Easy Reservation
Confirmation of future sales at a glance!
Record and manage information such as restaurant dinner reservation or confectionery birthday cake reservation. Linking Easy Reservation with the customer management and sales management applications makes possible the centralized management of customer name and reservation details (product name, number of persons, quantity, etc.) with the V-R100.
Reservation management
Record reservation information on the V-R100. Use the search feature to rapidly respond to sudden changes or inquiries.
Order management
Freely input and manage customer orders and requests. It’s even possible to flexibly accommodate parties or special orders.
Reservation support
Print reservation lists for use in meal or order preparation.
*Screen shots are simulated.
*Application screens may be updated.
E-mail Remote Operation:E-mail Controller
Check the sales results even when away from the business!
The V-R100 receives e-mails sent from a PC or mobile phone and automatically executes instructions in the mail. This feature supports busy business owners by enabling remote confirmation of flash report, financial report and reservation.
Reservation flash report
Confirm the number of new reservation and reservation fulfillment. Simultaneously check current operating status and future capacity forecast.
Customer flash report
Confirm the number of new members. Keep up to date on new and additional member recruitment.
Sales flash report Reservation flash report Customer flash report
*Screen shots are simulated.
*Application screens may be updated.
Advanced usability to support retail operations
10.4-inch touchscreen terminal
The V-R100 includes a wide selection of standard equipment including a large-screen colour display for inputting and referencing information using simple touch operation, a popup display for showing purchase information to customers, and a thermal printer for quickly issuing receipts. The stylish, compact design appeals to employees and customers alike.
A Suite of Applications to Increase Shop Management Efficiency
Advantages of Adopting the Android™ Platform
Custom applications that support retail operations come preinstalled in the V-R100.An easy-to-understand user interface supports centralized management of sales, customer, and reservation data. Android flexibly meets wide-ranging management needs by supporting the development of original software applications.
V-R100 LAN Configuration Diagram For Retail Business
V-R100 LAN Configuration Diagram For F&B Business
Advanced Features which Grow with Your Business
The V-R100 is an all-in-one hardware platform with a wide range of capabilities.It features highly advanced original specifications and compact design born of the pursuit of high-performance cash registers.
Stylish Design That Harmonizes with Shop Interiors
The terminal body features a stylish flat design and refined black colour and has a small footprint, measuring only 395 mm wide, 237 mm deep, and 229 mm high.
Since the terminal and cash drawer can be installed in separate locations, the system responds flexibly to changes in shop layout. In addition, the terminal conforms to the IPX2 drip-resistance* standard.
The touch panel screen can be operated even with wet hands and is suitable for use at restaurants and other businesses where water is used.
*Dripping water at an angle up to 15 degrees from vertical has no harmful effect
Intuitive Large-Screen Touch Panel LCD
The main display is a 10.4-inch large-screen touch panel LCD equipped with a motor-driven tilt mechanism for adjustment to the optimal viewing angle. A highly sensitive touch panel supports high-speed operation. The display delivers quick response time for fast check-outs that don’t keep customers waiting even during peak time periods.
Sub-display Fosters Customer Trust and Confidence
The V-R100 is equipped with a rotating popup display that enables customers to confirm the input amount. The large LCD displays two lines in high definition and is backlit for easy visibility. Displaying price information to customers reduces human error by enabling item-by-item price confirmation.
A New Design of Thermal Printer Saves Time and Effort in Cash Register Operation
The terminal is equipped with a thermal printer with a user-friendly design that ensures trouble-free cash register operation in any store location. The printer has an auto-cutter that reduces operator time and effort by quickly producing receipts. The printer accepts 58 mm and 80 mm paper rolls, and drop-in paper loading facilitates paper roll change.
Simply drop in the paper roll and lower the platen arm. The auto-cutter eliminates the time and effort of tearing off receipts by hand.
Connection with External Systems for Greater Operating Efficiency
The terminal is equipped with a wired LAN terminal and RS-232C terminal to increase the operating efficiency through linkage with a variety of systems, such as order entry systems that realize efficient purchase ordering. The terminal also has a memory card slot for storage of sales data on SD memory cards.
Order entry system
Excellent system stability, including rapid fault recovery, and support for worry-free, user-friendly operation
Unlike PC-based POS systems that run software on PC operating systems, the V-R100 starts up quickly when switched on. Since the terminal has no hard disk, even if there is a sudden disruption in power supply, data is saved and reflected when the system is restarted. The system is highly robust and capable of rapid recovery even if it goes in a power outage.
Software Platform Android™ 2.2
Application Software Preinstalled Application Sales Management(Cash Register)
Web browser
Additional Applications Customer Relationship Management
Remote Control by Email
CPU ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core 533MHz
Memory RAM 512MB
Flash ROM 2GB
Display Main Display Type 10.4-inch color LCD with touch panel
800 x 600 dots (SVGA)
Function Electric tilt
Splash-proof IPX2 (Compliant with IEC60529 standard)
Sub Display Type Monochrome LCD
32 x 160 dots (20 letters x 2 lines)
Function Pop-up
Keyboard Software Keyboard Touch panel with main display
Printer Printing Method 1-sheet thermal printer
Paper Width 80mm x 80φ / 58mm x 80 φ
Paper-loading Drop-in paper-loading
Interface Drawer Ports 2 ports
Magnetic Card Reader Interface Yes
Ethernet Port RJ45x 1 (10/100 Base-T/Tx)
USB2.0 Host Port USB Type A x 1
RS-232C Port D-sub 9-pin x 3
Memory Card Slot SD memory card (SDHC) x 1
Memory Backup Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery
Power AC 120-240V
Approx. External Dimensions 395(W) x 237(D) x 229 (H) mm
Approx. Weight 5Kg

Specs are subject to change w/o notice.


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