Due to the customer constant requests for viewing cloud reports by their mobile photos, IRC has taken the initiative to do a more innovative way by ‘reverse engineering’ providing similar benefits.

Our method is to utilize the existing QT6600-NAS system, we develop this new ‘Orca QT Web Reporter’ App on Android phone and download the text sales files from the NAS, then to be filter zero skip and sum-up the sales or qty totalizers.


  • Add value to the existing QT6600/6100 installations
  • Offer a convenience to customer to download the daily sales via Android mobile phones anywhere in the world!
  • Use this Casio QT6600/6100 Barcode Check Tracking Receipt for ‘Fast Check out
  • The sales data is kept in the NAS at the customer office
  • It is ‘a one off purchase’ without monthly or yearly subscription


  • Large and busy restaurants which was affected by slow check out

  • Restaurants that are using table number for order tracking
  • Restaurants which customer will be paying at the counter (Mamak/Malay Restaurant)
Android Phone

Android Smartphone

Android Phone
Network Attached Storage


Android Phone
Android Phone

ADSL Modem to QT-6600 E-POS

Login Screen Select Sales Date & Location Select Report Types Department Pie-Chart Report Department Bar-Chart Report Department Report in PDF Fixed Totalizer Report in PDF

Inline Type Of Configuration (Single Location)

ORCA Back Office Computer

Remote Upload/Download Data and Sales Reports by FTP Type (Multi Locations)

ORCA Back Office Computer


Restoran Penang Original Kayu Nasi Kandar (Penang)

Restoran Penang Original Kayu Nasi Kandar (Jaya 33)

Restoran Penang Original Kayu Nasi Kandar (Platinum Sentral)