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Android Base E-POS Terminal

Why Android OS?

  • Fastest growing OS for mobility of data in smartphones

  • Open Source OS

  • Free access to many developer source

  • Easy to develop applications to meet local needs

  • Quality and the success of development under your total control

VR Series Software Introduction

VR Series contain 3 type of software

  1. OS – Android operation system
  2. IOC – In Out Control
  3. APL– Application ( Cash Register Application)
    » Customer Management module
    » Reservation Management module

V-R100, V-R200 and V-R7000 Strength

  • Casio VR series is an Android base EPOS system that more user friendly to the end user no matter elder or youngster people because they already familiar with Android Smartphone.
  • VR Series have a stylish design and All-In-One product design ( No messy cable at the back of the machine )

  • More stable compare with PC Base POS system.
  • Android is an open sauce Operation System that we can add on any application on it.
  • VR series is more reliable on the touch penal because it not a consumer product. It makes for heavy usage.
  • Low power consumption 20W compare with PC POS 120W (Save 88% electricity cost)
  • Quick start-up and Quick shutdown when power On/Off.
  • No overheating on long hour operation.