Casio TK-3200 Cash Register

Key Features

  • Suitable for Parking System

  • 3.0-lines/second high speed printer
  • 4 line x 24-character logo,commercial and trailer messages
  • 1 line x 55-digit validation printing
  • 16-character item descriptors

Simple & Accurate Store Management

The TK-3200 is an outstanding electronic cash register combines with an information intensive Multi-line LCD for simple, accurate store management. It support up to 10,000 scanning items and 108 items shortcut keys. With its LCD screen, you can even view your X/Z Report on screen

The Casio TK-3200 features a combined flat and raised keyboard, dual dot matrix printers and a bright customer display making it ideal for the hospitality or retail environment.

Receipt, journal and validation printing
The TK-3200 features two fast 45mm wide dot matrix printers for receipt, journal and cheque validation printing. To give your business a professional appearance, text can be printed for a customer greeting and product descriptions.
Barcode scanning
The TK-3200 can be used in conjunction with a barcode scanner. This function allows up to 5000 products to be scanned into the cash register, ensuring that products are sold at the correct price and eliminating the need to manually enter prices.
Table control function
A basic table control function is provided for small restaurants, cafes and bars. This allows purchased items to be input against a table number, allowing easy check tracking. By attaching the TK-3200 to a remote kitchen printer, food orders can automatically be printed in the kitchen, maximizing order preparation time.
A bright 8 character and 7 digit display means your staff can easily see the details of the items they are selling to ensure accuracy. A standard pop-up rear display ensures your customers can see the price they are paying, giving them peace of mind.
Reversible Keyboard
The unique reversible flat keyboard for switching between Menu levels 1&2
Help function
The TK-3200 is simple to operate, however there is also a user friendly “HELP” button on the keyboard. Answers to frequently asked questions such as how to programme the time and date can be printed on the receipt printer for easy reference.
For maximum flexibility, the TK-3200 features two serial ports for direct connection to PC, modem for connecting to head office, external remote printer, slip printer for printing guest receipts or validation and scanner for barcode reading.
Reports and useful functions
Daily reports can be printed on the TK-3200. Other useful funtions include clerk interrupt, scheduler function, set menu function, arrangement function and memory allocation.
  • Financial
  • Transaction
  • Department
  • PLU
  • PLU stock
  • Table analysis
  • Open check
  • Monthly
  • Hourly
  • Flash
  • Group
  • Clerk
  • Time & attendance
  • Scanning PLU
  • Scanning PLU stock
  • Inactive PLU
Casio TK-3200 Cash Register
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Main Components

CPU Name
Number of control bit
16 bit
RAM Name
4 Mbit
Flash ROM Name
16 Mbit
I/O controller Name uPD784215AGC
Printer Name
Print Method
Paper cut
Impact dot matrix printer
Manual-paper cut
4 Million lines
Roll Paper Type
Roll diameter
Fine-quality paper
Width 44.5 +/- 0.5mm
83mm or less
75 +/- µm

Electrical Specifications

120V 220V 230V 240V
Power Consumption In operation Max. 0.6 A 0.3 A 0.3 A 0.05 A
Stand-by Max. 0.1 A 0.06 A 0.06 A 0.06 A
Memory protection Back-up Battery
Back-up period
Battery life
Recharge time
90 days (25°C)
Replace the battery every 5 years.
48 hours (full charge)
Clock & Calendar Accuracy
Auto Calendar
With +/- 30 sec. per month (25°C)
Effective until 2099 A.D.

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating temperature: 0°C-40°
  • Operating humidity: 10%-90%
  • Storage temperature: -25°-65°C
  • Storage humidity: 10%-95%
  • Vibration strength: 1.5G (The machine must in the carton box)


Casio TK-3200 Cash Register

Casio TK-3200 Cash Register PDF Brochure

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