Project Description

Customer Profile

Customer: ABX Express SDN BHD
Company or shop name: ABX Express
Nature of Business: Courier Service
Type of System: CAS Scale
Sold by: Mustaqim 016-3374 781

Type of business and profile of user

ABX EXPRESS (M) SDN BHD (130250-H) started it’s Malaysia and Brunei operations 29 years ago in Labuan and has since grown to service the whole nation through our own Network of 75 offices/service centers.

We are a Bumiputra-owned company.

The injection of senior management from the major players in the industry, combined with a team of more than 800 trained staff countrywide, has enabled us to deliver quality service which even our competitors talk about.

Our logistics infrastructure enhances the partnership with our Customers through greater efficiency and productivity, ensuring cost-effective quality solutions.

ABX EXPRESS provides door-to-door express delivery of documents and packages.

Model Name


Installation Date

24 Oct 2019

System Configuration for basic one outlet

CAS Scale with serial cable to link to the PC.

Why did the user select the IRC product?

Our scale have special port that can be link to the PC,this is needed for courier services company to link their system to the scale and reduce manual works.So this is why they choose our product.

Our specific proposals to the customer

CAS ER Plus with Serial cable.

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

A more competitive scale price but with limited function

Improvement of customer job after using the IRC product

Customer can easyly link scale to the system and no need to count total weight manually.This make them save a lot of time.