First Mercury-Free High Brightness Projector in Japan
Realize up to 3,000 lumens high brightness with 0 mercury
Projector has already become one of the necessary item for business meetings and presentations. Recently, the first projector certified by Eco-Mark “Green Slim Projector” is launched by Casio Computer Co., and it is receiving good reputation with its additional green environmental feature. In this interview, we have invited Mr.Yamamoto (Manager of Projector Sales & Planning Sec of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.) to interview the development background and unveil the secret of this good reputation, hosted by the environmental-oriented freelance announcer Ms.Watanabe.

The First Projector Certified by Eco-Mark Standard
The characteristic feature of Green Slim is mercury-free light source.
Since 1995, with the spread of personal computer, projectors are getting popular in Japan replacing OHP (overhead projector).

“There had been no technical innovations in projector industry when we entered this industry in 2003, and projectors was already no longer high technology item but considered as commodity item with almost no differentiation in features among all brands.
Then, we had the strong intention to realize 3,000 lumens mercury-free light source to show the meaning of latecomer in this industry.”
– Mr.Yamamoto.
“I wonder it was not an easy job for your R&D, wasn’t it ?”
– Ms.Watanabe.
“Precisely, it was common understanding that it was impossible to realize high brightness without using mercury lamp.”
– Mr.Yamamoto.

Mr. Yamamoto,
Manager of PJ Sales & Planning Sec of Casio Computer Co., Ltd

When Casio started development of Green Slim four years ago, several mercury-free projectors were actually available in the market. However, they were just capable of 10 – 20 lumens for small screen in dim place.

Casio’s final target was to realize high brightness by mercury free light source for serious users not like such gadget projectors. And, Casio eventually reached the conclusion to combine Laser and LED to produce high brightness and environmental feature i.e. mercury free as new standard of projector in next generation that was certified by Japan Eco-Mark.

“Just looking at such conclusion, R&D may sound smooth, however, the labour of development must be very very tough, I believe.”
– Ms. Watanabe

10 times longer light source, approx. 20,000 hours compare to conventional projector Green Slim projector is also superior in economy feature in addition to environmental one. The mercury lamp of conventional projectors needs to be replaced every 2,000 hours, which cost US$500 – US$600. However, Green Slim projector realized 10 times longer light source life of 20,000 hours, and enhanced cost performance feature by reducing running cost and maintenance fee drastically.

“Such economy as well as mercury free environmental feature might be well accepted by users.”

Ms. Watanabe,
freelance environment announcer

Mobile configuration for carrying convenience
Furthermore, Green Slim Projector measures just 43mm thick and A4-size, an ultra mobile configuration.

“I was very surprised and impressed with its slim size not like my image of projector at first glance. It must be extremely hard to package the projector into such slim case and mercury free?”
– Ms. Watanabe.
“Exactly, we could have launched the Green projector with bigger form factor much earlier.”
– Mr. Yamamoto.

Besides, Green Slim feature quick ON/OFF, maximum brightness is reached in 8 seconds after it’s turned on, significantly shortening the time before starting of presentation. Since it doesn’t need to cool down afterwards, you can push ON/OFF freely during the meeting.

Application Field Expansion
Green Slim projectors are used in conventional business and education field and also museum, restaurant, gaming outlets, bars and others.

Taking its unique features into consideration, application of Green Slim can be increased and applied into more new development.

After interview,

“I am just a consumer at opposite position from Casio. However, when we get mutual consent to target the establishment of environmental friendly society, we consumers should know the background of technology innovation of the interesting products. That is very important to expand the range of such environmental campaign. I am very pleased to learn many valuable things through Green Slim.”
– Ms.Watanabe.