Green Technology
While other manufacturers are still focusing on increasing their projector brightness using conventional metal-halide lamp (containing Mercury which is toxic to the environment), CASIO has already applied its unique proprietary Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source to achieve breakthrough development of a mercury-free high brightness projector. Adopting a new semiconductor-based light source system combining blue laser, phosphor and red LED, Casio has achieved both high-brightness performances enabling projection in well-lit room and environmental friendliness with mercury eliminated from the light source.

Cost Effective
The new hybrid Laser & LED light source breakthrough has enable Casio to produce long life span light source of approximately 20,000 hours. Compared with conventional high-brightness projectors employing mercury lamps, this technology has eliminated the cost as well as the time and effort involved in changing of lamp bulbs dramatically. Unlike other light source technology, degradation of brightness has been reduced and constant light source throughout the extended period of time can be achieved by this Hybrid light source engine.

World’s Slimmest Projector
The Casio projectors with Green Slim design of 1.675” (43mm) in thickness is small enough to slip into any laptop bag or briefcase, making it easier to travel with compared to a portable projector in a traditional form factor. For travel presenters who are always trying to reduce baggage, especially with current baggage fees for air travel, having reduction in travelling case to carry is always appreciated.

Pack and Go
The Casio projector also come with Instant off function, so you can start packing up immediately rather than waiting for the projector to cool down. “Instant” in this case is about 2 seconds, after which the fan shuts off and it’s safe to unplug the power.

Design Usability
When shopping for a portable projector, it is common to see a zoom of 1.2:1 or less, but with Casio projector to date, all used a 2X optical zoom lens with power zoom and focus. Still, compared to its peers, the Casio projector is head and shoulders above the others when it comes to placement flexibility. There is also a feature call Zoom memory. When enabled, it remembers the last used position of the zoom lens, which is ideal when you intend to use the projector in the same environment every day – such as in a conference room.

Design Connectability
The simple arrangement of connection panel keeps the projector small and easily portable while not depriving the user of possible connections.

Casio engineers opted to keep things simple, with a HDMI port, a VGA port, a small A/V jack for video and L/R stereo audio (a breakout cable is included) and a serial port. A USB terminal is available for the wireless projector models to make presentation without a PC (PC less presentation), by simply save the presentation material in a commercially available USB stick and insert into this USB terminal

3 Years Best Industry Warranty
The Casio projector has what might be the best warranty in the industry. The projector is fully guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase. You may say “No big deal, I’ve seen that before”. Well this warranty includes the light source as well.

For three years (or 6,000 hours whichever come first), your projector is covered, including the Laser/LED light source. This shows confidence on Casio’s part that the new Hybrid Laser/LED engine will stand up to presentation use without giving out.

8 Models to Choose From
Now, Casio has launched a total of 8 models, 4 wired and 4 wireless/PC less projectors. For the wired projector models, it will be XJ-A130 (2000Ansi, XGA), XJ-A140 (2500Ansi, XGA), XJ-A230 (2000Ansi, WXGA) and XJ-A240 (2500Ansi, WXGA). For the wireless & PC less projector, the models will be XJ-A135 (2000Ansi, XGA), XJ-145 (2500Ansi, XGA), XJ-145 (2500Ansi, XGA), XJ-A235.