We Weigh The World
CAS, Korea a well known brand for its capability to “Weigh the World” since 1983 has continuously strives to achieve the Global CAS status. It is currently used in over 120 countries worldwide.

CAS Reaches Malaysia
CAS, approached IRC in mid-2010 focusing to establish a tie with IRC and to capture a greater share of scale market in Malaysia. IRC was given the golden opportunity for a 6-months distributor-trial. With our years of market share and experience in the Retail and Food businesses, IRC was able to meet CAS stringent requirement within the stipulated time. Within this trial, IRC has also secured CAS trust and subsequently selected to be the first Authorised Distributor of CAS product on this memorable date, 1st January 2011.

CAS, Top Quality Scale from Korea
CAS offers a wide range of digital label scale from table-top to double-body, wall hanging and even come with external platform to cater for different business setup. One of its unique designs is the dual capacity of weighting both 15kg/5g and 30kg/10g in one single unit!

Another unique design is its separate label roll cartridge from its main unit, this make it easy for the label roll to be replenished in seconds! It also has a built-in bright and clear LCD display with characters during registration!

Its unique “1 body” design offers maximum protection against water leaking into the main unit. Scale items can be added, changed or deleted at any time via wired or wireless connection. It also allows auto-discount during certain period of time for selected item. At the end of the day, you can check your sales through its comprehensive report that suit most business environment.

CAS CL-5000J is the natural choice to weigh items with barcode. You can use it to weigh items from supermarket, grocery stores and tit-bit stores.

For wet items like poultry, fish and meat, you can choose the hanging scale, CAS CL5000J-CH, which comes with a stainless steel hanging platen. Water drip will not be a problem and this will ensure cleanliness to the main unit. You can also choose the CAS CL-5500D, a table scale that offers the cleanliness as per hanging scale, thanks to its double-body design!

IRC offers a wide range of scales that suits different business setup. Please refer to individual models for more information.