Attention to: The Organizer of Warehouse Sales, Exposition, Buzzer Sales, Clearance Sales…

Need an additional terminal for the holidays? Or, how about a Cash Register for a special event, warehouse sale, clearance sales or any of the other festivals held in the Klang Valley area. Whatever the event or length of period, Cash Register Solutions has a rental program available for you, all year around.

Every event and every client is different. Our process starts with an immediate assessment of your needs and a recommendation by one of our experienced team to provide you the exact technology, support and services you need.

Inter-Register Communications (M) Sdn. Bhd. (IRC) is specialist supplier of Casio Cash Register across Malaysia, and have been the supplier for cash registers to businesses for nearly 30 years. We provide a full range of cash registers for all different types of businesses. We offer free consultations for prospective customers to discuss your requirements before an event.

  • IRC is the biggest specialist in the Casio Cash Register business
  • Delivery to your office are provided with training
  • We are able to provide uniform models for every rental
  • We offer competitive price for short & long term rentals
  • We can configure barcode scanning models up to 5000 PLU

Our team of Sale Rental Guarantee:

  • Every unit tested for high performance functionality, accuracy and appearance
  • Every unit pre-programmed to your specifications and our recommendations
  • Every unit cleaned and loaded with fresh paper
  • Every unit securely packed and clearly labelled for easy set up
  • Double checking at every step of the pre-event process for absolute peace of mind

Why use a register in the first place?

A cash register will help keep your money secure, reduce theft, speed up transactions and provide reporting options. These simple, straight-forward, all-in-one point of sale solutions are an easy way for any business to track sales and manage cash flow. With multiple models and specifications, there is a cash register that is ready to accommodate your selling needs.

How long can rentals last?

You can rent a machine for a day, a week or months. Pricing is adjusted based on length of time needed. For periods greater than 6 months, purchase or leasing options are usually more beneficial than a standard rental.

What about repeated events?

Determining whether renting or purchasing is a better value depends on how often the event(s) occur. Is the event repeated annually or several times per year? If they are more spread out, renting will usually be more attractive.

What maintenance is involved?

General maintenance is pretty simple. Keep surfaces clean, especially near moving parts like keyboard buttons and paper feed assemblies in the printer. If you rent, you won’t have to worry about maintenance.

Is programming difficult?

Training is a part of the rental package to help with ALL questions you may have.

CF Card storage?

You can also request a CF Card from us to save all your sales data (received by receipt) into this memory card. You can read the CF data saved in CSV format by using excel.

What about storage?

If you only use the register a few times a year, you need to find space to store the equipment in-between uses. While it’s unplugged, the internal battery slowly drains. If the battery drains completely, the programming will be lost. Make sure you plug it in for at least 24 hours every 3 months. This is not an issue if you own a register that you keep plugged in, and renting ensures the register will always be ready.

Casio TE-2200 Cash Register with Barcode Scanner

Casio TE-2200


  • 99 Depts, 500 PLU, 5000 Scanning PLU
  • 1 line alphanumeric display of 12 characters
  • Reliable High Speed R/J thermal printers
  • Detailed Reports
  • Journal compressed printing
  • Drop-in paper loading
  • Pop-up rotary customer display
  • Come with cheque slot drawer

CASIO ECR Simplified Tax Invoice

Casio ECR Simplified Tax Invoice

Please kindly contact us for cash register rental price or any product enquiry at (+6) 03-6272 8000 (ask for ECR rental) Mr CK Law, Mr Suhaimi, Ms Azwin or email your request to: [email protected]; cc to: [email protected]; [email protected] .

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