Casio TK-3200 Cash Register


  • Per Hour Time Calculate Parking Fees
  • Per Entry Parking Fees
  • Season Parking
  • Free Of Charge ( F.O.C )
  • Lost Ticket Charge
  • Ticket Validation
  • Day End Report
  • Month End Report

CASIO TK-3200 Car Parking System Cash Register

TK-3200 is two station dot matrix printer cash register and possible upgrade the Time Calculate version for Car Parking System.


The customer shall proceed with the parking ticket to the operated cash register, the operator enter time entry on ticket, the cash register generates an amount for parking, customer see the amount from customer display and make payment. After payment cash drawer and exit bar opens automatically, and the printer prints the receipt.

Parking System Receipts

15 Minutes Free Closing report F.Rate Bike Flat Rate
Lost Ticket Per Entry Season Parking
Rate Per Hour