Project Description

Customer Profile

Customer: Worldcome Mart Sdn Bhd
Location: Labis, Johor
Nature of Business: Mini Market
Type of System: Cougar Pos System
Sold by: Mr. Lam (019-3569 120)

Type of business and profile of user

Customer had been using our Cougar Pos System for many years. Due to their business expansion, they need to move to a larger shop lot and upgrade their current hardware and software.

Model Name

Brand Model Unit
Cougar V7 Pro 1 store 5 user
BIXOLON SR275APG Dot Matrix Printer 4 unit
BIXOLON BC425 Drawer 4 unit
ZEBEX Scanner Z3190 scanner 4 unit
FEC Fv2029 customer display 4 unit
CAS CL5200 Label Scale linking to pos system 2 unit
BIXOLON SLP T400 Barcode printer 1 unit

Installation Date


System Configuration for basic one outlet

4 cash counter to collect cash sales business

2 Cas Scale machine to handle weight item such as vegetable and fresh meat

1 unit barcode printer to print own packing product and a new HP server store all data.

Why did the user select the IRC product?

They had been using our system many years because they claim our system very easy to used especially in front end counter, even a new staff can learnt it between half a hour. Other than this, customer also comment our system is very stable even when there is large crowd of customer during evening and promotion happening. They also claim although their shop is more than 350km from our office, our online helpdesk still can solve their problem via online. Service efficiency on Par….

Our specific proposals to the customer

1 HP ML150 server

4 unit Bixolon SRP275 dot matrix printer

4 unit Zebex Z3190 long range CCD scanner

4 unit BC425 drawer

4 unit Fec FV2029 customer display

2 CAS CL5200 scale machine

1 Bixolon SLP T400 barcode printer

1 store 5 user pos license

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

Panda Point of sales had always counter them to change new system. However, customer still prefer our product and service.

Improvement of customer job after using the IRC product

smooth sales operation and with certain product stock control

After change a new server, the sales transaction and report processing become faster