ESL (Electronic Shelf Label)

Electronic Shelf Label system ensures that price changes are fast and accurate.
Its high contrast display makes viewing at various distances and angles easy

Main Features

DIGI Teraoka ESL Electronic Shelf Label

Improve price integrity and productivity

Data transfer to the e.LABEL, Price Tag and InfoTag is done wirelessly and in real-time. This ensures that price and product information is always up to date without discrepancies, reducing the cost of errors associated with pricing inaccuracies.
Productivity and operation efficiency is improved by eliminating time consuming tasks such as printing, laminating and arranging paper price tags.

Price Tag

Our Segment based Price Tag series comes with 3 price fields.
Built – in flexibility is catered with price per kilo / pound / unit or bottle, currency, percentage, arrows, shape, symbols and a “PROMO” symbol to further enhance the effectiveness of the segment based tag.


The e-paper display provides high contrast and low reflection to ensure high screen readability for greater communication possibilities with your customers.

Water resistant and washable e.Label

e.LABEL is ideal for the meat counter or fish department as it is IP67 certified, waterproof and washable. With an operating temperature of 0°C to 40 °C.

DIGI Teraoka ESL Electronic Shelf Label

Works in wide temperature range

DIGI’s electronic tag is capable of operating within a wide temperature range for flexible application within the store.

Low energy consumption

Our electronic tags is low energy consuming device that can last for 5 years or more as energy is consumed only when required.