Project Description

Customer Profile

Customer: Restaurant Porto Romano
Location: 28, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail, 60000 KL
Nature of Business: Foods And Beverages (F&B)
Type of System: Cash Registers
Sold by: Mr. CK Law (012-366 0345)

Type of business and profile of user

Porto Romano’s evocative menu draws from the rich heritage of Mediterranean cuisine which has been influenced by three great revolutions : the Arab agricultural revolution of the ninth through twelfth centuries, the Age of Exploration in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the creative impulse of the Renaissance.

Model Name

CASIO QT-6100 E-POS Touch Screen Terminal

Installation Date


System Configuration for basic one outlet

  • 1 unit CASIO QT-6100
  • 1 unit X-Printer XP-Q260IIIX Serial Thermal Receipt Printer
  • 1 unit FEC Customer Display
  • 1 unit RightPower 1000VA UPS

Why did the user select the CASIO product?

Existing CASIO TK-3200 with Slip Printer defective, user may need to upgrade more advanced system, user is confident to CASIO product of reliable, features and IRC after sales service support.

Our specific proposals to the customer

CASIO QT-6100 E-POS Touch Screen Terminal standalone system with customer display.
Features :
1) Table tracking system
2) Table floor plane system
3) Multi Cashier login
4) Selective items discount
5) Day end closing menu page
6) Items editing menu page

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

Existing CASIO user not looking for other brand

Improvement of customer job after using the CASIO product

1) Improved of itemized present
2) Improved of Table tracking system eg; Table Transfer, Join Table, Split Table
3) Saving of printing receipt compare to traditional slip printer printing
4) More faster way of daily closing
5) Simple step to edit items