Project Description

Customer Profile

Customer: S Plus Outlet Sdn Bhd
Shop Name: My One Shop
Location: No.82 & 84, Jln.Perak P15 Persint 15, 62050 Putrajaya, W.P. Putrajaya.
Nature of Business: Convenience Store
Type of System: CASIO ECR TE-2200
Sold by: C K Law 012-366 0345

Type of business and profile of user

My One Shop is a multi chain convenience Store at Klang Valley and IPoh more than 15 years.
The product selling include Watch, Belt, Wallet,Cap, Beg, Sun Glass, Toys, Perfume, Cosmetic Tools and ect…..

Model Name


Installation Date

22 NOV 2019

System Configuration for basic one outlet

2 units CASIO TE-2200 ECR
2 units Symbol LS-2208 Laser Handhelp Scanner
Multi Price Barcode Lable Sticker

Why did the user select the IRC product?

User is confident to CASIO product of reliable, IRC have enought main power to support their multi chain store at
klang valley area and Dealer support Ipoh Outlet.

Our specific proposals to the customer

To introduce a 2 units of ECR at each outlet with Scanner
1)Scan the multi price barcode lable to register items
2)Impose Declaration function before closing report

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

Existing CASIO user not looking for other brand.

Improvement of customer job after using the IRC product

1)With scanner to scan the item price, so is no need manually key in price, this can be avoid wrongly register price and faster operation.
2)After Declaration operation, customer can easily know if got shortage from the closing report.