Project Description

Customer Profile

Company or shop name: Original Kayu Nasi Kandar – Hatten Square.
Location: G-055, Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir 75000 Melaka, Malaysia .
Nature of Business: 24 Hours Mamak Restaurants – Chain Store
Type of System: ECR/POS system type: Casio V-R7000BD Android Pos System
Sold by: Alex Wong 019-3374781

Kayu@Hatten Square
Kayu@Hatten Square
Kayu@Hatten Square

Type of business and profile of user

Original Kayu Nasi Kandar started out with a stall at a coffee shop in SS2 Chow Yang here back in 1974 and grew to become one of the most popular “Mamak” restaurants in Klang Valley and Penang. Today, from the little stall around the corner, many such eateries have envolved into much bigger establishments with some owning chains of restaurants that carry same name. Original Kayu Nasi Kandar is one those that made it to the A-list.
Nasi Kandar had its humble origins in Penang Island, one of Malaysia’s key tourist islands up North. What does ‘Nasi Kandar’ mean? ‘Nasi’ means rice in Malay while ‘Kandar’ refers to a formidable stick that is slung across one’s shoulder to carry heavy objects securely hung on both ends of the stick. Nasi kandar was therefore coined to lend meaning to the way in which this local range of delightful Malaysian curry options was sold in the villages since time immemorial.

After opening up to numerous nasi kandar restaurants around Penang and Klang Valley locations, the OPKNK management decided to open their first ‘Signature class’ nasi kandar restaurant in Hatten Square, Melaka on 5 Sept. 2019. It was create with a greate taste of ambiece atmosphere with a cafe theme in this new ‘Signature class’ nasi kandar restaurant.

Model Name

Casio V-R7000BD Android Pos System.

Kayu@Hatten Square
Kayu@Hatten Square

Installation Date

2 Sept. 2019

System Configuration for basic one outlet

4 units – ( – 2 Cashiers and 2 Order Terminals )

Casio V-R7000BD, 2GB Ram, 16GB F-Rom, 15.6″ widescreen, with 1 USB, 3xRS-232, 1 LAN and c/w Dallas key Reader.
Android Pos Terminal, (Hardware only, without any software) VS-RSTL-BE Enhanced Restaurant Application License (ERA software) SDHC Card, 8 GB x 1 piece

DL 2814 Cash Drawer

10 pcs- QT-6012 DKS Magnetic Dallas Key (w/Casio VR Layard)

2 units -11.6 inch HDMI Customer Display
Standalone w/power adaptor (HDMI port)

6 units – CMO Tablet License for VR-7000 With ERA Apps.

4 units – SRP-300E-SG Grey, Thermal printer with auto cutter (Serial)

5 units – SRP-300E-SG Grey, Thermal printer with auto cutter (LAN)
(for Roti Canai, Drinks, Rich Counter, Kitchen & Fish Head Printer etc. )

5 units – Right Power PowerBox 1000 VA UPS (w/ AVR)-B/Colour)
( 4 x V-R7000 and 1 x 16 port switch)

6 units – Samsung IRC 8, Galaxy Tab A, 8.0″ 2019, (Black) HD Display,
Quad-Core 2.0Ghz Cortex-A53, 2GB Ram + 32GB , Android 9.0 (Pie) 5100 mAh battery

1 unit – Black Squirrel XB-3080 -Black, Hand-Free Omnidirectional Scanner

1 unit – 16 Port Ethernet, 100 Base Switching Hub (Rack Mount 19″)

14 units – Cat 6 e cabling point from Cashier to Terminals
2 x Main Cashier, 2 x Order Terminal , 6 x Kitchen Printers, 2 x WiFi Router, 1 Internet, 1 spare to switch Hub)

1 unit – 6U/337mm (H) 600mm (W) x 500mm (D) Wall Mount Rack (3 x Power Outlet)

1 unit – UAP-AC-LR Ubiquiti Long Range Ceiling Mount Router

Kayu@HattenSquare Configuration

Why did the user select the CASIO product?

User is looking for a upgrade model of the QT-6600 with tablet order terminals and the robust performance of the Casio QT-6600 Touch Screen E-Pos system and IRC reliable whatsapps Group 24 hours breakdown on site service.

Our specific proposals to the customer

To introduce a 2 Cashiers and 2 Order terminals, 6 long battery lige 8″ tablet mobile order with 4 receipt printers and with networking to a 16 port Ethernet switch to push kitchen order to 5 units of SRP-300E big fonts kitchen printers to Drinks Counter, Main Kitchen and Ala Carte friend wok area. the normal flow of the customer are as follows:
1.) Customers walk into Restaurant, get a table and be seated.
2.) Customers who choose to eat Nasi Kandar rice, walk over to the Rice Counter, select the food and paid at the Cashier.
3.) Customer walk back to their table, sat down and waiter take their beverage and Ala carte orders with the 8″ mobile tablet orders.
4.) Or if WIFI broken down, Waiters can head to V-R7000 BD Order Terminal, and with Dallas Key, lock on to V-R7000 and ‘touch the customer orders’ quickly.
5.) Before finalising the order, the waiter double check’ the order and the ‘pull out’ the Dallas key to send the order to Master server and kitchen printers (KP).
6.) Drink Counter KP prints the order and quickly prepare the beverage like their delicious ‘teh tarik’, ‘teh halia’ ‘ kopi ‘ and others beverage.
7.) Ala Carte menu like Roti Canai, Roti Tisu, Naan, Mee Goreng Mamak, Mutabak will be print in the Roti and Main Kitchen area.
8.) Waiter take the ‘barcode table tracking bill’ and place it on the green bill holder on the customer table.
9.) Mean time customer can continue to place additional food and beverage items and all will be stored into this table account.
10.) Last customer after having a wonderful meal, decided to leave and took the barcode code table account bill to the check out cashier.
11.) Main Cashier just check out one by one of the customers queuing up in a busy line, by just scanning the barcode on the receipt without asking any questions.
12.) Customer happily paid up the bill without and questions and the ‘itemised bill was comprehensive and easy to understand’ and exit.

Kayu@Hatten Square
Kayu@Hatten Square
Kayu@Hatten Square

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

Nil. As no other competitors can offer such a robust cash registration system and with 24 office hours, 365 days ‘quick response service’ to handle breakdowns .

Improvement of customer job after using the CASIO product

Owner commented the following:
1.) There was a systematic work flow process.
2.) Initial there was some minor mistake for the waiter to locate some of the menu but they get used to it in 2-3 days time.
3.) There was ‘no lost bill or order’ as no food and beverage will be made without the sales registration, without registration the kitchen printer will not print out. This is one of the main concerns of the owner.
4.) Food and drinks were ‘serve to the correct table’ with any mistakes as compare to chaotic times of the past.
5.) Customer are happy they can paid up quickly and exit by using the V-R7000 barcode table tracking method.
6.) On festive periods it can check out 2,400 table bills on a 24 hours non stop operations!
7.) Simple price changes for its manager with access right to handle.
8.) End of Day sales reports is ‘push up to the cloud server’ for owner to view anywhere in the world.