Project Description

Customer Profile

Company or shop name: IPOH ROAD YONG TOW FOO
Nature of Business: F&B
Type of System: F&B Pos
Sold by: Johnny Tan 016-2274 326

Type of business and profile of user

Yong tau foo is a Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting primarily of tofu filled with
ground meat mixture or fish paste. Variation of this food include vegetables and mushrooms stuffed with ground meat or surimi.
Yong tau foo is eaten in numerous ways, either dry with a sauce or served as a soup dish.

Model Name

Seito Pos

Installation Date

Installation Date: 25/11/2019

System Configuration for basic one outlet

– FEC AP-3615 AER POS CPT-350
M/B FH-H611, Intel i3-2120 3.3GHz Dual Core CPU
500GB 2.5″ Western Harddisk Digital 8MB -Sata
4GB DDR3 Ram-Kingston
True Flat VFD customer display, 20×2, 9mm
-With BC460 c/w RJ-11 Steel Cash Drawer (Black) Korea
-Seito Network Version: 2 Users (Per Outlet)

Why did the user select the IRC product?

-User friedly
-System realiable
-Good after services

Our specific proposals to the customer

Customer wanna using one terminal as ordering another one as cashier. So Im proposed seito network with 2 Ap-3615.

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation


Improvement of customer job after using the IRC product

-Reduce queueing scence occur
-Minimize the mistake kitchen site because kitchen printer
-All staff easy adapt the system