Project Description

Customer Profile

Customer: Dao Ma Qie Noodle House
Location: Ground Floor, No. 5-1, Block C, Jalan PJU 1/3b, Sunwaymas Commercial Centre, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Nature of Business: F&B
Type of System: Casio Android Base system
Sold by: Jimmy Chok

Dao Ma Qie
Dao Ma Qie

Type of business and profile of user

This is a local ¡°Pan Mee¡± business that serves many type of Pan Mee.

Model Name

Casio V-R7000 Android base system

Dao Ma Qie
Dao Ma Qie

System Configuration for basic one outlet

1 unit V-R7000
1 copy ERA (Enhancement Restaurant Application)
1 copy CMO (Casio Mobile Ordering)
1 unit ASUS WIFI router
2 units Xprinter XP-Q260
3 units Lenovo 7″ Tablet

Dao Ma Qie
Dao Ma Qie

Why did the user select the IRC product?

Casio is a trusted brand and customer confident on the stability of the tablet Ordering.

Our specific proposals to the customer

Casio V-R7000 Android POS System with ERA(Enhancement Restaurant Application) and CMO (Casio Mobile Ordering)Software.

Dao Ma Qie
Dao Ma Qie

Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

BOM tablet POS
PC POS system.

Improvement of customer job after using the IRC product

Fast and accurate on the mobile ordering.
Food serve is faster than traditional handwriting and pass the order to kitchen.
Fasy checkout by customer.

Dao Ma Qie