Project Description

Customer Profile

Customer: Deluxe Merchant
Shop name: A’ROOMA
Nature of Business: Western Restaurant & Cafe
Type of System: Cash Register Casio
Sold by: Ric Gan 012-313 3873


Type of business and profile of user

From the ultimate grab-to-go at PETRONAS to a full fledged restaurant that offers you freshly brewed coffee and REAL food at a fraction of the price.

Model Name


Installation Date

11 October 2019

System Configuration for basic one outlet

SE-S500 with Z-3190 scanner


Why did the user select the IRC product?

Customer are looking for Cash Register Machine, and this machine is easy to use and convenient.

Our specific proposals to the customer


Competition from other manufacturers during business negotiation

Pricing is competitive,but because our Brand Casio is quality so customer choose us.

Improvement of customer job after using the IRC product

More easier to handle with the machine and manager easy to teach the new worker to use this machine.